Widespread Panic found each other as many Athens bands of the time did – in the clubs, in class, cooking and serving in restaurants.

Widespread Panic Playing at a showGeorgia Music Hall of Fame inductees (2008), Widespread Panic played their first show on February 11th, 1986 at the Mad Hatter Ballroom, where the UGA Classic Center now stands. They played a regular Monday night gig at the Uptown Lounge, and in the kitchen of their band house on King Avenue.

Their adventure continued across the country, with a few stops around the globe. On April 18th, 1998 the Band staged a free concert, filling Athens’ Washington Street with a Sanford Stadium size crowd. Panic was inspired by many local bands that came slightly before: Love Tractor, The Squalls, The Landsharks, REM, Pylon, & The B-52’s.

They grew up alongside Bloodkin, White Buffalo, Drive-By Truckers, Vic Chesnutt, and so many others. The Athens scene creates a space for any musical inspiration. Ripples beget Ripples. WidespreadPanic is honored and grateful to still be riding those ripples.

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