Inseparable friends and a legacy of music from the Classic City

Bloodkin Group PhotoEric Carter and Danny Hutchens met when they were seven years old and would soon become inseparable. They went on to become the founding members of Bloodkin, a band where they were the only constant members.

The two boys loved songwriting more than anything and by the early 90s, they had written 300 compositions. In total, they released eight albums from 1994 to 2021. Throughout their time, they have had a revolving door of members. Carter has been known to describe it as a baseball team by saying, “not everyone can make every game, but there always seems to be someone to step in and step up.” Bloodkin made a name for themselves in Athens, even having their first album release party at the nowhere bar right behind where their plaque rests.

Thankfully Bloodkin’s legacy is still being written as they continue to make records and play live shows.

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