From Gyro Wraps to sellout shows in NYC

The Glands Band MembersThe Glands have three albums released Double Thriller (1996), The Glands(2000), and Double Coda(2018), but they have recorded many other songs due to Ross Shipero and his love of creating music.

They were created in Downtown Athens’s very own Gyro Wrap, where Ross Shipero was the manager and Joe Rowe was one of his employees. After a shift ended, they would head over to Elixir Recording Studios and mess around. Sweeney, another member of the original band, has been quoted, “He’d say, Just do whatever. Honestly, I never took it all that seriously. I didn’t know what it was going to turn into.”

The Glands went on to play for crowds in Athens, Monroe, Atlanta, and even sell out a show in New York City.

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