About the Plan

The Downtown Master Plan is a comprehensive blueprint for building on the existing assets of downtown Athens to create a walkable, sustainable, and vibrant city center by 2030. The plan emerged from a series of community charrettes starting in 2012, led by Principal Planner Dr. John F. (Jack) Crowley.

Creating a downtown that is vibrant is part science and part art. This imaginative video walks you through the basics of what makes a city a desirable place to be: human scale, walkability, variety of architecture, to name a few. It correlates with the ideas in the Downtown Master Plan document. CHECK IT OUT!


Link to Downtown Master Plan: An Introduction, and What Downtown Development Should Look Like, both articles by Jack Crowley, professor, UGA College of Environment & Design.

The Master Plan

Download a PDF copy of the Plan.

Please note that it is a large document and make a take a moment to download.